Residency Services

Let’s start with the most commonly asked question about residencies here.

Do I need to get one?

The short and direct answer on this is a resounding YES. It used to be said that one could enter Romania (a sort of “Wild West”) and not have to worry about overstaying your visa. Should you be nearing the end of the term for your temporary visa, one could simply “cross the border” for a weekend trip to Belgrade or Sofia, whatever your pleasure, and return to Romania with a fresh stamp in your passport.

While we never recommended breaking the law, people would still do things like this.

Today, Romania has clamped down on its’ rules and regulations, and have began to take immigration very seriously – as they should. That does not however mean it is difficult to obtain your residency.

What you’ll find out when you venture over to the immigration office is that there are a multitude of ways you can go about getting your residency.

While this list is not extensive, it contains the most common four ways:

• EU Citizen Registration
• Long Term Visa
• Short Term Visa
• Resident’s Permits

Each element on the list may appear very straightforward, but we can assure you that once you begin the process, you WILL become bogged down with paperwork and legwork – fees on top of fees – each to be completed and paid for exactly as set forth.

Romania is a very “by the book” nation, and if your t’s are not perfectly crossed and your i’s don’t contain adequate dots, they will make you start over from the drawing board.

A larger percentage of our clients have already attempted to pursue these processes on their own, only to find out later it would have been a better investment to contact us first.